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June 23, 2014 James Gordon

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Exercising Scrutiny During Billing Company Hire


Behavioral healthcare treatment providers should understand that outsourcing their billing and collections without carefully evaluating the company can lead to problems.

Choosing the wrong billing service or outsourcing for the wrong reason can quickly become a nightmare of risk and lost revenue. Performing due diligence before signing the contract can mitigate risk and performance issues.

Below are five actions behavioral health billing companies can provide to demonstrate partnership readiness.


  1. Do they have a HIPAA compliant document workflow system to collect charges, EOB’s and other medical record related documents?
  2. Do they have an internal workflow process which makes each employee accountable in the company for doing their daily tasks like verification of benefits, posting charges accurately, checking clearinghouse errors, posting payments? Their process should be backed up with a strong standby plan in case of employee absenteeism, for any reason.
  3. Do they have an internal compliance plan to protect the privacy of your records and patient data?
  4. Does their internal workflow system ensure the delivery of checks or payments electronically to you practices bank account and in addition providing notification to the owner of the practice’s email id?
  5. Most important; are they ready to show you all of the above documents and walk you through the steps before signing a contract with you?


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